88sears associate login

88Sears Associate Login at www.88sears.com

88Sears MPI Associate Online Services Login:

88sears associate login: SHC or Sears Holdings Corporation is providing the Online Portal to Login into the account and enter and View your Account information along with the application which they are working now. This website also helps in understanding the features and the Resources that are allowed to Do it within this Website.


In this Website, only Sears Associates can able access this website to view their information and other Personal Information and the SHC also agreed to give all this information to the Users without any issues.


Now you easily get into the 88Sears portal by Login into the website using the right Login Information. Also, make sure that you will only access 88 Sears when you have an option where there is an availability of your computer or Mobile device.


Yes, you can get into the 88sears Associates from the mobile too But you have to know the exact process then follow the Guide below which I have explained everything about the 88sears.



88sears associate login



88Sears Associate:

Actually, 88Sears is a Human Resource Online management Service Company and the Users of the Sears can View their basic Data and also they can Enjoy all other Benefits that Offers by the 88Sears after you have logged into the 88sears associate login at www.88sears.com. Sears is an American chain department store Founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1892 and it’s based in Hoffman Estates, IL.


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88sears associate login:

Most of the time the 88Sears My Personal Information Associate Online Services portal is offered both the active and Former SHC associates to log in their employee account and access the features of all that offers by the 88Sears. So if you want to view and access those features then you should have to Acces all those features by simply logged into the Sears Online Account.


Just you have to have the device like a Computer, Smartphone or a Tablet that having the Best Internet Connection. Also, the main thing you have to Remeber is to Visit the Official Website of 88Sears.com.


Before Login into the 88Sears, You just have to have the User name and Password of the 88Sears. Also, make sure to have these Login credentials should be right without any mistakes.


Current Sears Associate Login:

Just Follow the Below Guide to access the 88Sears associate login without any issue and I have Explained this Guide in a very basic step by step Guide that has all the Information.

  • The very First thing you just have to do is to visit an 88Sears to 88sears associate login MyHR homepage at www.88sears.com.


  • Now simply navigate to the “Resources & Contacts” option which is located right side of the page among all the three List.


  • Just click on the  “MPI (My Personal Information)” which is under the ‘Resources & Contacts’ tab and you will be redirected to the Associate Online Services Login.


  • Now Enter your Enterprise ID/LDAP Username and Password in the required Fields which is located in just right side of the window.


  • After you have entered the Login Credential simply Click on the “Log in” button to finish the Login process.



88sears associate login



This is the best way to get into the 88Sears associate login. Just you need to have the correct Login details such as User Id and the Password. SO that you will be able to get into the account without any issue.



Former Sears Associates Login:

If you are not current or active SHC employee then you have to access former Sears Associates Login then you have to be required a My Personal Information system where need to click on the “Former SHC Associates Login Page” then simply enter the Login ID and PIN prior to clicking the “Log In” button. Just Follow the Below Step By step Information where you will simply have to understand everything about Former Sears Associates Login.


  • The very First thing that you need is the Login ID is the Social Security Number of the former Sears employee.


  • The PIN is very Important here to behave like an Encrypted Password where it can allow to access the 88Sears MPI system SSN they have entered in the Fields where is it required to complete the 88sears associate login.


  • If you are Login for the First time then you have to Remeber that The PIN is the birth month and day in the ‘MM/DD’ format.


  • When it comes to the Password if you Entered the Password incorrect for the three times continuously then your account will be locked for the 24 Hours of time.


  • In case if you have forgotten your password and want to unlock this looked time period then you can easily reset it by Just  ‘PIN Reset’ feature on the Former SHC Logon.


How to Reset Former Associate MPI Services PIN Online:

Now the People who are former SHC employees now they can easily Reset their Password by just following the below guide and also make sure that you can reset the Password in these both cases one is if you have forgotten their PIN and the second thing is when you have your MPI account is locked. You can get your Password back in both cases.


You just have to Enter these below Information in the required fields to simply start getting the Successfully Password Reset Guide.





  • Login ID
  • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • And Zip Code

After you have given these details then your PIN will be set to the month and day of your birth. You can also simply change it later. There are no issues with it.


Sears Holdings Password Requirements:

Whenever You want t to create a new password then one thing that you need to remember is the following Requirements without compromising because you only can do after having these details.

  • The Password should be at least 8 characters long.
  • Alphabetic and numeric characters should include in your Password.
  • The Password should not contain related to the Your Enterprise ID. It is not recommended at all.
  • Your password will expire every 90 Days of time.
  • The same password should not be used for one year.
  • The Password is very case sensitive so be careful while you are entering the password to have a successful Login.


Contact Information:

You can simply get Connected with the Sears Holdings Corporation in the following ways which are very easy to reach as well.

Phone Number: 847-286-2500

Customer Service Number: 800-349-4358

Mailing Address:

3333 Beverly Road

Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Website for other additional information:



Final Words:

I hope now you have got all the information about the 88sears associate login” also make sure if you have any doubts regarding 88sears you can reach out then by the given information above. And if you have any doubts regarding this Guide then Simply Let me know in the comment section below.