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How to Get Emoji on Desktop | Emoji Copy and Paste

Today I will be Going to tell you How to Get Emoji on Desktop, These Days Desktops Also Improving in Some Features like emoticons on the Desktop and many more.


But in this article, I will tell you how exactly you can Get Emojis on Desktops. You will easily Get the Emojis on Desktop in The 3 Methods and I will tell you these three Methods in the Details Below.


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How to Get Emoji on Desktop PC:

This is the thing where people wants to know So by following the below Gide you will be able to understand how to get Emoji on the desktop PC. I have explained the $ methods to get the Emojis on the Desktop. Just follows the Guide below to know those all methods.


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Method #1- Touch Keyboard:

First, Let’s Learn Using this Method Which is Easy and you can Simply do it by Following the Below Method. This is an easy and popular method where you can easily get your emojis.


Get Emoji on Desktop



  • You have to Right Click on the Blank Area fo the Windows Taskbar.
  • Select Toolbar and Choose the Touch Keyboard.
  • Now you will See an Option Called Taskbar and then you need to select the Touch Keyboard icon.
  • Then Select the Smiley Key which is located on the left side of the Keyboard.
  • Once you have Selected the Emoji Now you Type in the Field.
  • You are Done.


Method: 2 – Using Chrome Plugins:

In this method, I will be going to tell you the Method which you can Use the Emojis on your Desktop by Installing the ChromePlugins, Let see How You Can Do it.



How to Get Emoji pc



  • Once you Have Installed it then you will able to see these Emojis icon on the right side of the Deskbar.
  • Now, whenever you want to Use them Click on the Icon.
  • Select the Emoji that you want to use.
  • Copy that Emoji by Selecting one of them.
  • Paste on your Field And send it simply by Clicking the Send Button.
  • Sometimes it may Show the Simple Rectangular but Once it Sent it will Show the Original Emoji.
  • That’s All, Done.



Method # 3 – Doing Emoji copy and paste

This is a very Simple And easy Method, You just need to Copy these Emojis and Paste those by Simply How you Do copy Paste on Dialy Bases on your Computer So far. There are heart copy and paste, emoji copy-paste, black heart emoji copy, and paste, emoji text copy and paste, smiley face copy and paste and many by Simply Doing Cntrl+C then Cntrl+V.


How to Get Emoji on computer


  • You have to Open an Emojis on your Browser that you are Presently Using.
  • Just Copy an Emoji that you would Like to use.
  • Now simply Paste That Emoji on your Field.
  • As I said above it may Also show Rectangular while you sending it, but Once it is Done then it will look the Original Emoji Character.
  • You have successfully Done the sending an Emoji.



Now you have Completed the Guide “How to Get Emoji on Desktop” and Learnt Successfully by Following the Above Methods. Still, if you have any doubts Regarding these  Just Do let me know in the Comment Section Below.