How to Cast VLC to Chromecast | VLC Chromecast android

The VLC Media Player is one of the best Player which has been using for PC and Mac. Even my self-using form Long back because of is features and easy to use and also you will be Going to get many other advantages that you will see on the VLC Player.


On the Latest version of VLC Player, you will also check there are many changes that you will see and VideoLan is the company who is taking all the responsibility of this VLC. They are now working on the Latest VLC Player version 3.0. This is Version will come with many improvements and many other Advantages.


The very interesting Features is it supports Chromecast which is the very best thing that VLC has taken. Now the this Google Device can easily send all the files From your PC and Mobile to TV So that you can easily Play Music that is one if the best Thing right.


How to stream video from VLC Player 3.0 to Chromecast device:

The Lates Version of VLC Player 3.0 is under Development which it is it under stable version. But still, if you want or any other users want to experience the first experience of this VLC experience then you can easily able to Follow the guide below so you will be going to Understand what actually and How you can download the music.


Once you have followed this guide you will also understand for a further guide that you no need to actually learn when the Complete stable version comes, the new version will also be the same type of download will available with little differences might be.



Cast VLC to Chromecast:

  • The first thing you just have to Download the VLC 3.0, or else you can also try the Extension version which will be that most use full for this unstable version, once the stable version has come then you can simply download the Complete data from the main sources.


  • Now to cast your favorite videos you just have press Control + Shift + R.  or else you have to Select Tool > Renderer Output. 


  • Once you have clicked on the above method you will able to see one New Window and the VLC 3.0 will start searching for all Chromecast devices connected to the same network. later you will see the Result saying Cast Desktop.


  • Now the remaining thing is that you just have to select the device and have to click on the OK. now its art the playback that you can enjoy listening and you have also remembered that is the signal frequently Disconnects then you just have to note that the VideoLAN team on their job which means they are working on that so this is happening until the stable version comes.


You can also Use this official Google Cast for Google Chrome extension  Alternatively, now you can simply cast the entire screen and to watch the media use VLC 2.x for the better screen.


There are multiple Options for Downloads like for, VLC Chromecast Mac, vlc chromecast ios, vlc to chromecast windows 10, vlc chromecast Linux and vlc chromecast android now let discuss for Android.


How to stream VLC Player to Chromecast from Android:


Now the best news is that VLC Player for Android is now Supported for Chromecast. Actually you cannot but currently but you will have a better alternative that they have given is that you can find the Any android Player which they have many and do remember that the player does support to Chromecast. also you should have a vlc Player on your android mobile and make it full charging.


Now if you want to How to do it rather trying the Above methods then simply Follow the Below Guide so that you can easily do it.


  • First, you have to install the Chromcast App on your Android mobile then simply pair you Chromecast.
  • Now Open the VLC player and simply start the FOle that you actually want to cast.
  • Open the chrome cast App on your Mobile.
  • Once the app has been Open now simply Click on the Menu and Select “Cast screen/audio”.
  • Now simply follow the on-screen Instructions that it suggest. cast your device’s screen to your Chromecast.
  • Finally GO back to your VLC player and Make it full screen. That’s it you are Done.


Final words:

This is the Guide of How to Cast VLC to Chromecast. You have successfully learned and get known the Features of  VLC 3.0 VLC to Chromecast. For any doubts Comment below.


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