How to Use Your iPhone’s Mobile Hotspot

Everybody will face this issue one day or other where would I find the wifi. But if you have wifi with you why do you need to find the other wifi.


We mean to say that you can now use your iPhone’s Mobile hotspot as wifi to your laptop, Tab, and other mobiles. This can happen to most people when they can go somewhere and they are looking for the Wifi. but there are no results that you found simply use your iPhone as wifi as we will explain to you the below.


Most carrier offers tethering services that can make your iPhone mobile signal into the wifi network for other devices. So before you going to connect it, you have to check your data limit where you can easily track your data. so that you won’t regret later for your mobile data consumption.


Also, the most important thing to remember is the battery of your iPhone. Because when you use your mobile’s hotspot the battery will drain quicker. So it’s always a good choice to carry a Charger with you.  This is the point you have to remember compulsory.


Set up your iPhone’s mobile hotspot:


Now let’s look into How to set up your phone’s mobile Hotspot. You just have to follow the below steps and do as it is so you will be able to do that thing that you can do.


  • First, go to the settings then click on the Cellular. Next tap on the personal Hotspot or you will find the setting then personal Hotspot. (Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot or Settings > Personal Hotspot.
  • After you can see the Personal Hotspot just slide next to allow others to join.

Connect to a personal hotspot:

Here you will have multiple options to connect to the hotspot. You can connect through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. So you will be able to connect to the internet by personal hotspot with these options. Now let’s look at the Full guide of each in detail.



First, learn How to connect by wifi. It’s very simple First go to the Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot or Settings > Personal Hotspot. Now turn on it then note the password and the name of the phone. Now you have to stay on this screen to connect to the internet on the other phone’s wifi network.



Now open the other device ( Phone, Laptop, or Tab ) that you want to connect to the internet then go to the Setting then tap on the wifi then you should look for the iPhone or iPad.  Tap on the network that you want to join then Enter the password that you set on that phone’s Hotspot.



First, you have to turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone to make it discoverable. For that you have to go to the settings then Bluetooth, just turn on it and stay on the screen. Next, go to the Bluetooth on the other device that you want to connect to the internet access.



This Personal Hotspot will support the Bluetooth on the Laptop and Pc but not on other devices. For that, you can easily use the wifi option that we have explained above.


To use the USB option on your Mac or PC you should have the latest version of iTunes. After you have downloaded the latest version then simply connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable that you got with your iPhone. Now you will see an alert saying “trust this computer?”. Now you should tap on trust to confirm it.


Disconnecting the devices:

Once you’re done with work using the hotspot of your iPhone then I forgot doubt how to disconnect the device then simply disconnected using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or USB.


You are one thing that you have to remember is if you are using an iPhone which runs iOS 13 or later your device will always stay with connected to the hotspot even if your device is locked. 



So this is how you can actually use your iPhone’s hotspot to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. Still, if you have any issues with connecting to the internet then do let us know in the comment section below.

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