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Notebook vs Laptop – What is the Difference?

Most of the People get Confused about these two devices Notebook vs Laptop differences and they Keep asking What is the difference between a laptop and a notebook? If you want to Know the Answer to this particular Query, Then Simply Follow the Guide Below to get the answer.


As you can see there are most of the companies are there in the market which are selling laptops and Notebooks. Some companies say the laptop and some of then say Notebook.


People are confusing about this for that Today you will be going to get the right answer for this so Stay with this guide follow the guide Below.


To get a rough idea of the Difference between laptop and notebook is that a notebook has everything that a laptop has but you feel and it’s lesser than a laptop. When it comes to the price a notebook has expensive then Laptop. There are also some companies who are calling Laptop as NoteBook these days.  So to get a complete understand the differences what are the key points and features are making and falling then into two different categories.


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What is a Laptop?

What is a Laptop


A laptop is a portable computer which can use a day and fits on your lap. You will get a complete functionality of a desktop with additional portability. Laptops are best used for business works such as presentation and also to run an Office also there are the people who can use for daily basic works most. Also, you can easily find the people who actually use for many multiple works. But the major difference that you will find is it having the bigger display and hard drive also built in DVD Drivers makes Laptop size and weight so its lesser Portable when it compared to Notebook. Like I said its best option for daily uses and High end Uses.



What is a Notebook?


What is a notebook


A notebook is also a Portable Computer with a Notebook size and it’s Very much portable when it compared to the Laptop. You can easily carry on with your Briefcase also you will able to use like a Laptop which means you can use a Laptop Functionality on your Notebook. Most of the Notebooks or Notebooks are Mainly designed for the Personal tasks like email, file management, and entertainment. You cannot enjoy the High ended and Rich media on these Notes Books also notebooks Are designed for daily checking Mails and some other works but you have to remember the best part of these Notebooks are they are very Easily carryable wherever you go because of their weight.


Notebook vs Laptop:

If you compare both the Devices at the one Single Place then you will easily understand and you need to check all the specification into Three categories and remaining things are the same.

So the three aspects Are weight and battery life and usage.



  • Laptop: Heavyweight then Notebook.
  • NoteBook: Lighter Weight, its Slimmer and Lighter then Laptop.


Battery life:

  • Laptop: its Lesser than Notebook but it’s not bad Battery Life at all.
  • NoteBook: You can Easily find it’s Definitely better Battery life almost 5 to 14 hours than Laptop.



  • Laptop: Its all in one Use.
  • NoteBook: it’s a light so you can Run the day by day SImple works. You can enjoy the rich Media on Notebook.


Also, There are other Differences that you will find on the Note and Laptop devices.


DVD Drives:

  • Laptop: has inbuilt DVD drives which you no need to get additional.
  • NoteBook: It does not contain DVD drives but You can easily connect external DVD drives that help to play the DVD and VCD.

Cooling system

  • Laptop: It has a fan, Same as in desktop. which helps to out the Heat from the laptop (Cooling System)
  • NoteBook: it does not have fans because it requires less processing power than a laptop.


Extra Ports

  • Laptop: It has Number of USB ports than a Notebook to connect the other external devices to it.
  • NoteBook: It has less number of USB ports than a laptop. But it’s Not fixed like a Specific Figure of Ports but it’s Completely Depend on the Manufacturer or a Notebook Model.



Before Wrapping up you need to Check it once if you want a Complete desktop functionality then simply you can go for A Laptop without thinking the second option. If You travel More and need a simple task then go for a Notebook.