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How to Access Voicemail T Mobile From Another Phone

T- Mobiles is one of the Most Popular Telephone Providers in the world. They offer a wide range of services like Broadband, Text messaging, and Airtime Voice Plans. T- Mobile Sidekick is the best brand is the mobiles. Like many other Telephone Providers, T mobiles is also Own Voice mail Attaches to send a voice mail to your friend or any family members. This service is actually will be useful when you can’t able to reach the phone call directly, then you can easily Send a voice mail. T- Mobiles will give the vice Mail to the customers of this company. As I said above if you were away from the Voicemail T Mobile phone you no need to make an airtime minutes when you will have t access to make a Voice Mail.


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Now let’s see how to Check T- Mobile Voicemail From Other Phone:


  • First, you have to dial the Phone number with Area Code. if it is an International number then you should enter the international code which is available in the Phonebook. Just check for the Code in case you don’t know the code. So just you need to dial 7 digit phone number with Area code.
  • Now you have to press the Star (*)  key on your mobiles Keyboard to start the voice mail from that phone.
  • Dail the Voicemail password when the call is Promoted and if the password not installed on your Phone then you will be going to the Voicemail Directly without any problem on your Phone.


How to Accessing from Your Voicemail T Mobile Phone

Accessing the T- Mobile Voicemail lets you retrieve the Voce message when your Mobile is off and when you not reachable and even when you are on another call. You can easily dial the voice call from your mobile or from even different phone as I mentioned above. Thi will costs you some air charges but it’s a nice option when the person not reachable or any other problems like the above but when you call from the Phone It does not cost anything it’s completely free.


Accessing from Your T-Mobile Phone:

Step 1: Press and Hold the 1 button until it dials the T Mobile Voice Service.

Step 2: If it does not work then You can also Dial 123 and press the send Key

Step 3: Once you have finished the Call just Press the End to hang up the call.


These are the Process that you access “Voicemail T Mobile Acces and Voicemail from Another Phone”. If you have any doubts regarding T Mobile Voicemail do let me know by the comment section Below.

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