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5 Top Volume Booster Apps for Android to Increase Volume

This is the Guide for the People Who Love to Listen to the Music by High and Good Volume that can Give more and more Excitement. If you are trying for the Best Volume Booster Apps for Android then this article will help you.


The Android mobile that has is not Enough Volume and searching for the Best solution then the Thord party apps will help you to Increase Volume and those apps are called Volume Boosters.


If you ask What are Volume Booster is is nothing but they can Boost the volume of your Android mobile offers. Most of the people know there is the Plenty of Apps available in the market but most of them are not work and users will feel there is no such Volume Booster.


Actually and also, In reality, there are no such apps called Increase the volume more then what your device has but they can control the Volume of your Andoird mobile. Which means you can easily handle the volume Using these apps and the controller navigation will be very handy.


So kn0ow you have found the reality if what Volume booster Apps are. When you have found there is no Use of these Volume boosters then What is your take on it. and its all On your point of view and if you Feel you will feel those are worth then from my side I have selected the best apps that have more Rating in the User Perspective.


Something is Better than Nothing. So You can Try these Apps which most of the Users Still using and Be Feeling Good. I have listed these apps which I Feel Better than the rest of the Apps also these apps have Good User rating on the Play store.



Volume Booster for Android List:


The below list is the Volume Booster Apps where you can easily make a difference in your music categories. There are the Plus and Minus Points where you easily find out which is best and which is not Good. So check out those in the below.


1. Volume Booster GOODEV:

Developer: GOODEV
PlayStore Rating: 4.3 Stars
Price: Free/contains ads


+ Points:

  • You can Find it Does what it says, which means this will works were many apps won’t.
  • It simple Increase the Volume up to 100% of your Android Mobile.
  • You will also find the Volume warning before you increase it.
  • The best user interface with simple and Easy Design.
  • There are 10 % -100% volume setup option that can be very useful when you listen to the music in Low or high volume and it’s very handy to use as well.
  • It also appears in the notification bar, you can Control from the there itself.
  • You can also hide it from the notification bar if you don’t want to see there.
  • When it Decrease the volume it will be disabled.
  • Finally, it is a Simple and light sized App.


– Points:

  • It won’t work on the lower Verison of Android Devices (lower than android 4.4).
  • There is a Specific Volume increase for Other Purposes.
  • You will also find some noise sound when your Device has not good Speakers.





2. Sound Booster Lite:

Developer: Click Media Team
PlayStore Rating: 4.5 Stars
Price: Free/contains ads


+ Points:

  • Attractive User interface and design.
  • Best performance on the External Volume.
  • Single Tap for Mute, default and boost your device volume.
  • You can increase and decrease the volume by simply Sliding your fingers left and Right.
  • Works great and boost your volume up to 100%.
  •  You can control it from your notification panel such as silent and boost on/off.
  • it automatically connects with its lite mode when you start your Music Player.


– Points:

  • One tap boost will increase to 100% when you use for the First time.
  • When you increase more the 10% you won’t feel Good and it its better on the external Speakers.
  • There are no more Setting features on this App.
  • It won’t work on the ringtones & system notifications, music & games, alarm and others separately.




3. Volume Booster Pro:

Developer:  Vintage Audio Tools
PlayStore Rating: 4.2 Stars
Price: Free/contains ads


+ Points:

  • Best User interface and Basic Design.
  •  it connects to the Music player automatically.
  • You will find the Separated button for Music Player and Alarm.
  • Also On and Off option on the Notification bar.
  • It can Raise the volume when it’s at 20%.


– Points:

  • You won’t find Much settings Features and Personalisation on this app.
  • Also, Full-screen ads every time you open the App which you feel little unformat.
  • Continues notifications of Rate US whenever you open the App and close the App.




4. Speaker Booster:

Developer: Omega Centauri Software
PlayStore Rating: 4.0 Stars
Price: Free


+ Points:

  • Its very Light sized app and Works Grate.
  • You will not see Any Screeching even if you put all the Volume High.
  • The User Interface is similar to Volume Booster GOODEV but the performance you won’t feel like this App for sure.
  • Also, the best part of this app is that it always warns you whenever you increase the Volume.
  • The changes of Damage is very Less with this app When you compared with other apps because of the Stable volume Control.


– Points:

  • Simple and Basic User Interface (UI)
  • Also, The Function of this App is like Normal.
  • You will only get a Sliding option to increase the Volume 0% -60% there is no other option.




5. Easy Volume Booster:

Developer: 100.5 Appworks
PlayStore Rating: 3.9 Stars
Price: Free/contains ads


+ Points:

  • You will get the spate Buttons for all the boost music, alarm and call sounds.
  • Very simple in the usage of this app and Handy.
  • Also, you will feel its a simple in performance which you can Easily Boost the Volume by Sliding.


– Points:

  • No settings are available for this App.
  • It won’t Boost Your volume, it just Simple mages the Volume that your Device has.
  • Many ads while Using this App.


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These are Some Best Volume Booster Apps for Android and Don’t Download them at once and Try because you may not find the best App at all because it’s all about Take some time between and Download them and try. Also, Let us Know the Best App that you like and Using Now.