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Why Some Websites are not Opening On My Phone?

When we browsing some website it will show some error or it never opened on your Mobile Phone. The reason behind this problem could be the different types. So today lets, we discuss what is the problem with it and what we have to do it to browse the website on your device. So let’s start.


If we Notice the development if smartphones it’s growing on the market day by day and the technology has also getting improving very fast these days. so you think why is am telling the smartphone development and all these stuff?


If yes so you did not get the point. yes, because when the technology grows then automatically the mobile and its features will grow up that means the old technology will stop working.


In this way, some of the websites have been running on old technology like Flash and many other things the did in the past to make their website can look good. but nowadays when the smartphone has taken the steps up on day by day, the old is getting old. likewise, there are many reasons to not opening the websites on your mobile like Android and iOS (iPhone). I will be going to mention each and everything the below.


1. The Website can Be Blocked in your country:

This can happen sometimes. some of the websites may be blocked in your country because the government or the main Authority can take an action on the particular website or they feel this website cannot be more useful to those country people or many other reasons to block the particular website in your area. But that website is very useful to your requirement then you can browse the website by using some free proxy websites. but remember if the website is very helpful to you then only you can go ahead.


2. The Website is Not Responsive Design:

Some Of the Website if we can see on our Pc it will look good and it works (open) fine. but when it comes to the mobile device then the problem can happen. I Mean it will show some error on the smartphone because of responsive design. Yes, Nowadays there lots of websites are available on the internet to give some information to the users, but some website owners will miss this on their design on the mobile.



These days the mobile users are very high when we compared to the laptops or PCs. but lots of websites will not responsive to the mobile phone.


What to do When the website is not responsible for mobile?

Well, when you have lots of use of that particular website you can browse the site even it will not responsive on your mobile by following the steps below.


  • If you are using chrome browser this option will available on your smartphone.
  • After open, the browser just types the website name on the search engine box, then click on enter.
  • Now The results will shows on the list just go to the particular website, now the problem starts when it’s not responsive. and here we are talking about unresponsive websites.
  • Now click on the three dots on the top right Corner of the chrome browser.




  • It will show you some Option, Then you have to click on the Request Desktop site.
  • Now it will show you in desktop mode. that all.


3. If you are using any ad blockers on your browser.

These days there are lots of browsers are having this features called Adblock. if you are not aware of this let me explain.



Suppose When the users browsing the site there are lots of ads will come and if we click on it will go somewhere else and sometimes users can also face lots problem with popup ads and other types of ads.becausee of this the developers of the browser, they added the adblockers on the browsers itself. by doing this you will not be going to face any kind of ad disturbance while you browsing the sites.


If we coming to the point some websites made by the designers. if the adblocker available on your browser the website is not going to be open in the browser because of add blocker and it will say please turn off the adblocker to browse the website. so this is also one of the reasons to not opening the website on your Phone.


So what to do If the website not opening because of adblocker?

It’s so simple if you want to browse the website to get the good information you need to disable the adblocker. if you don’t know please follow the steps Below to make the adblocker disable.

  • If you are using any kind of browser once you open the website if it will show you the error that turns off the adblocker that means your browser has got enabled by the adblocker.
  • To turn off or make it Disabled the adblocker, you need to look for adblocker into your website.
  • The maximum number of website have the adblockers on the top of right or left the corner.
  • If you found the adblocker just make id disable by the tapping on it. that you are ready to browse the website happily.



What might be the Problem it is you can do to resolve the issue by applying some tips that I mentioned above or try to reset your browser to solve the problem it will work very rarely if any cache will chance to stop browsing the website. or if it’s not responsive try to open on your PC or any Laptop.


I hope you like this article If you have any kind of Problem regarding the website issue and any kind of problems please let me know by the commenting the below the comment section.