What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Works

In simple words affiliate marketing is nothing but when you recommend a product in online to anyone if they buy a product you will get Commission. It seems very old method but that lots of online bloggers they are making money from it.  Even lots of my friends also there any huge amount with affiliate Marketing.  so today are you going to tell you what is exactly affiliate marketing and how it works.


In affiliate marketing industry, The commission can be started from $1 to $10,000 and it depends on the product that you are selecting and promoting.  There are lots of people frequently asking about can we make money from affiliate marketing? Of course, you can make lots of money as a said above. there are lots of my friends making huge money and I can say this is a great way, that if you want to make money from online.


  • But when you promoting the products you need to take care in some terms of offering the product to someone.


Don’t select the product without you using it. because when you use it then you will get to know about all the things about that product. I mean the pros and cons of that product. Then only you can refer to someone and make sure the product that you are promoting it should be very high in quality.


Please remember when you start promoting the qualityless products then the customers will be not going to trust you and then won’t come back to your site. But when you start giving the quality products then they read the reviews about the product and their try to buy again from your website which means the bonding will be built in between you and your customer.


The Reason behind I’m telling the always quality because first you have to buy the product and you have to use it then you can start promoting because when you started using then you can easily explain the pros and cons about the production and you will also get a complete control over the product so then you can exactly know what to tell about the product. So please make sure before the promotion of the product you must use it.


How affiliate marketing works:

So if I start telling in simple terms there are lots of website in online for ceiling light Shoes,  Clothes, Electronics, Softwares and the Web Hosting right.


So the maximum of the websites who are selling the products the definitely have affiliate programs so you can go to their of your program page by searching website + affiliate and then simply you can sign up then they will give a simple affiliate URL. Now you can that URL on your website or anywhere that you are writing about the product by linking to your content.


  • Now anyone can read your post and if they buy the product you will get a Commission.


Every company’s that offering the affiliate program, they all have TOS. Some of the companies have 30 days and some of them have 60 days cookies period. which means if any Reader can read your post and if he just click on the affiliate link and he does not buy that time also does ‘not matter even if he buy after some days which means if he buys the product within  60 days then also you will get the commission out of it.


  • Below are some common questions people ask frequently.


1.  what are the qualification do I need to start an affiliate program?

There is no requirement of any qualification but if you have any marketing skills and writing skill then there are lots of advantages in affiliate program if we talk about the success rate.


2.  How much money can I make from affiliate marketing?

If you talk about making money from affiliate marketing is unlimited I mean there is no limit. it completely depends on the product tour promoting and the conversation rates. People are making thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing.


3. is there any cost to join in affiliate marketing?

That is no need to pay an even single penny while joining an affiliate program. But when you promoting the product via Email marketing or via PPC ten you have to spend some amount. But it completely depends on your choice. But if you promote your product your website then you no need to pay anything.


4Is affiliate marketing illegal?

It’s not an illegal at all because you are just linking the affiliate URL rather than linking the normal URL link. So, it’s not at an illegal.


5. Is important to having a Blog or website for affiliate marketing?

Not necessary but having a blog is always the added advantage for you because If you start promoting by email, PPC is just like a temporary thing but when you have a website or blog it always is permanent. So I always prefer to have a website for affiliate marketing is the best option.


I hope you all understand what is affiliate marketing and how does it work if you have any doubts regarding this post and about affiliate marketing, please let me know about the comment section below.

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